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About the Light of Raphael

The Light of Raphael (LoR) is a Nonprofit charity in Hong Kong, which provide charitable Chinese medical service to individuals and households with financial difficulty.


Medical expenses are high in Hong Kong.  The poor can only wait for the limited healthcare service provided by the public sector. Many are suffering because of lack of on-time diagnoses and treatments, some of them may even suffer permanent disability because of it.  


Seeing this, a group of Christian founded the LoR in 2009, to provide subsidized and free Chinese medical service to those who are in need.  


We hope, by providing different kinds of medical service to the poor, we can help them to restore good health and avoid their situation getting any worse. We also hope that through caring and prayer, they will receive the care physically ,psychological and spiritually from God. 


Since the LoR is a Nonprofit organisation, our operation is highly dependent on people’s support and donations.  Even $100 would make big difference for the sick and poor.  Your donation also encourages to keep going.


Please also pray for us.






Click on the DONATION FORM button now to donate.


The Light of Raphael is a registered Charitable institution of a public character in Hong Kong (IRD File No.: 91/10267) and is exempt from tax under section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance.  All donation above HK$100 are tax deductible.  


Even $100 would make big difference for those patients with financial difficulty
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